Communications Infrastructure: Why Accountability Matters

How is inadequate communication affecting your company? There are many elements that are necessary in order for an organization to elevate themselves to world-class status. Among them, building an effective infrastructure for communication is key. Without a set infrastructure, many companies find that their communication begins to degrade over time. [...]

Create Your Own Dream Team: How to Win With the Hand You’re Dealt

Have you ever envisioned your dream team? Fantasized about having superpowered employees who always knock it out of the park when it comes to productivity, achieving goals and exceeding quotas? If so, you’re not alone. But in reality—those companies that have the coveted “dream teams” have learned one of the most important lessons when it comes to their organization and that is, there’s no place for “if onlys” in business.

Why Employee Development and Cross Training Are a Necessary Investment

  Are your employees poised to succeed as a team? The only asset your company has that appreciates over time is your people. Companies that understand this fact are the most successful because they know the advantages of having knowledgeable, experienced, and highly-skilled team members and are willing to invest [...]

Multi-Function Process Map: The #1 Performance Improvement Tool

Arguably the most powerful tool in continuous performance improvement, the Multi-Function Process Map actually lets you see what’s working—and what’s not While it’s a new concept for many companies, the idea of creating a visual representation of organizational processes has been around for nearly a century. Once called the flow [...]

What’s the Supervisor’s Role in High Performance Organizations?

Are your leaders giving their team what it needs to succeed? Today’s top corporations know that the value of their supervisors cannot be measured simply by their ability to “watch over” operations or staff members. There is a direct correlation between the performance of the team and how they are [...]

Lean Isn’t Just for Manufacturing

  The idea may have originated in the manufacturing industry, but every organization can benefit from thinking lean. When I met with a hospital exec we’ll call Patty, she explained how her hospital was looking to install an expensive new phone system to help eliminate the long wait times patients, [...]