Engaged, Empowered Teams Achieve Their Goals

Imagine if your employees were 100 percent engaged. Imagine a culture where the entire workforce used data to drive decisions.* Imagine if your workforce embraced a structured process that would sustain gains and foster continuous performance improvement.* Imagine achieving your goals. CFAN, a San Marcos, Texas-based partnership between GEA (General Electric Aviation) [...]

How Creating an Engine for Favorability Produces Great Results

  Start your engine! You’re about to take your operational excellence to the next level! The phrase “engine for favorability” comes from one of our good clients. A senior executive coined the phrase after his team knocked their productivity and performance out of the park by exceeding their performance goals [...]

Finding Time: The Key to Productivity

"Time is what we want most and use worst." – William Penn. We all have the same 24 hours. While some people are able to use them to an amazing result, the rest of us feel like we just don’t have enough to accomplish all the things we want to [...]

How to Align Goals and Indicators to Set Expectations and Measure Performance

Why you’re not meeting your organizational goals (and how to start). We set personal goals every year, but a month passes (or mere days for some of us) and we’ve already lost sight of them. The year goes by and we wonder what happened. It’s not just personal goals that [...]

High Performance Work Teams Aren’t Just Problem Solvers

Lean, Six Sigma, and Kaizen are tools to solve problems, but they’re only part of a bigger picture Organizations that want to improve company process and performance often invest in Lean, Six Sigma, and Kaizen training for their executives and employees. They’ll put up metric boards. They’ll identify problems and [...]

Performance Measurements Aren’t Good or Bad, They’re a Tool for Improvement

Life isn’t black and white, and neither is workplace success. Too often, employees think that performance measurements are at either ends of the spectrum—they’re good or they’re bad. Employees may avoid even discussing the topic out of fear of getting in trouble or getting someone else in trouble. However, the [...]