How Communication Infrastructure Elevates Performance

When communication stops, performance atrophies. When communication is constant, performance improves. Every organization has a rhythm or cadence to their internal communication—even if it’s not ideal. What differentiates high performance organizations from the rest is their communication infrastructure. This infrastructure allows them to stay strategically aligned because it keeps everyone [...]

Permanently Resolve Your Organization’s Chronic Performance Issues

You know what the problem is…now it’s time to find a permanent solution. You’ve already defined and quantified the problem. You’ve performed a root cause analysis to identify its real cause and determined that further analysis will not yield any new insight. Now how do you fix the problem [...]

Root Cause Analysis: Finding the Cause of Performance Issues

Look beyond the obvious. In the same way that a Band-Aid merely covers up a wound but doesn’t heal it, treating just the symptoms of your company’s performance issues won’t make them go away. Problems occur in every business, regardless of size or industry, that impact the overall level of [...]

Optimize Your Workplace by Eliminating Waste

When you’re evaluating efficiency, you have to look at how much is being accomplished in a given amount of time, not how busy everyone is. Here’s the visual: A hamster running around and around on its wheel. He’s busy and working hard, but is he actually getting anywhere? Now think [...]

5S and Safety in the Workplace

For companies that are looking to reduce waste, increase productivity and ultimately improve their bottom line, the 5S method is a smart and viable solution. The 5S method is a way to make things run smoother, eliminate time-wasters and keep team members safe by making certain actions and practices standard [...]