“Many companies have attempted to roll out High Performance Teams and most fail. The difference in The Dorsey Group’s High Performance Work Teams concept is that it provides the training and cross-training plus the tools that empower our employee-led work groups to initiate their own improvements and execute projects efficiently and effectively. One major advantage of working with the Dorsey Group is the ability to run diagnostics on team development, this process allows leadership to make the necessary adjustments to assure teams move to the next level.

I have used the Dorsey Group to launch teams at 3 different companies across 3 different industries — every one of them has been a major success. Their methodology zeros in on all areas that short circuit results and every step in the training process is designed to convert effort to the bottom line. The methodology is proven; their holistic approach guarantees results. With the Dorsey Group, we realized a 9% inventory reduction, 41% improvements in gross margins, 94% error reduction in the production documentation process and a successful transfer of a product line from another site… propelling us from survival mode to a world class manufacturing facility.”

Brett Petrie , VP of Global Distribution, Life Technologies
“Our company was operating very successfully prior to working with the Dorsey Group. However, after bringing in Tim and his Partners in Performance processes into Operations, we were able to establish more meaningful metrics and team accountability for achieving — and exceeding — our production goals.

After meeting and exceeding production goals, we were able to better align support efforts from other departments, which fostered the creation of our ongoing Continual Improvement culture. Our C.I. initiative now focuses multi-disciplinary teams on projects designed to achieve improved production throughput and aggressive financial goals.”

Patrick Graesch's, Executive Director of Manufacturing Operations, NIPRO, 2011 SFMA Manufacturer of the year
“We invested considerable time and efforts in finding the right partner to accompany us on our teaming journey. We found that The Dorsey Group distinguished itself by offering a structured, comprehensive & systemic approach to teaming. After just a few weeks into the initiative, the teams had already made substantial progress in solving the challenges we had, notably for shift passdown and using 5S tools to eliminate wasted time. We knew we were on the right track. The Dorsey Group continues to deliver measured results.”
Benoit Cloutier, President, CFAN (a GE Aviation/Snecma Joint Venture)
“GameStop Louisville Distribution Center has been using the Dorsey Group for the past ten years with much success. Using the Dorsey methodologies we have seen year over year improvements in both production and quality. The Dorsey Group’s innovative methodology achieves its results by training, educating and inspiring the company’s most important asset-its people. The program achieves results through a bottom up approach, engages employees and has created a culture of continuous improvement. Highly recommended!!!”
Pat Sweetall, Divisional VP, GameStop Distribution
“Choosing The Dorsey Group was an easy decision. I have known The Dorsey Group for some time, and know firsthand their extensive experience in consulting for global companies in different countries and different industries. Their seminars and trainings are first rate; at Hamburg Süd The Dorsey Group prepared the first ever Team Building Session for our top management and the results were dramatically improved communication and cooperation among the different department heads. They’ve also conducted Brown Paper Mapping sessions resulting in the streamlining of operations, eliminating duplicate efforts and better understanding of the company’s processes… all of which contributed to significant cost reductions throughout the company.”
Aleida Hernandez, Director, Human Resources & Administration, Hamburg Sud
“I highly recommend The Dorsey Group for assisting a manufacturing company reach its performance goals. Grass America had a particular manufacturing area that was underperforming and struggling to meet customer demand. The only solution we had at first was to increase manpower. This was not an acceptable solution for the long term so we turned to The Dorsey Group for assistance. The Dorsey Group conducted a preliminary overview of the situation complete with manufacturing floor tours and interviews with direct and indirect employees. They also listened to the goals and expectations we had for that manufacturing area. Using these inputs The Dorsey Group generated a comprehensive plan that would enable us to meet our stated goals. The plan included detailed process mapping, in depth brainstorming sessions with the employees and the development of detailed data collection. The Dorsey Group was excellent at analyzing the data and making sense of it all. They were able to point us in the right direction and got us to focus our attention on the most significant influences on the process. They also developed a stringent monitoring system to validate the assumptions and help ensure that the changes and improvements made became permanent.

It was the experience and in depth attention to detail and process that The Dorsey Group displayed that led to the results that we would not have achieved on our own. Working with The Dorsey Group enabled us to achieve improvements in production pieces/hour of 60% and 75% and improvement in OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) of 18 and 26 percentage points. Their training has also enabled us to not only maintain these improvements but to continually improve on them as well. Needless to say, these results more than paid for this investment.”

Tom Kipp , President, Grass America
“It’s been a pleasure to work with the Dorsey Group. We all acknowledge that we’ve learned a lot throughout the process and we’re in better shape because of it. Our lines of communication are open, people are constantly thinking of ways to improve processes and procedures and we’re an even closer team.”
Denise A. Mickalonis , Office Manager, SurfaceLogix

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