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In Only 4 Days Learn How to Double Productivity without Increasing Headcount

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Whether you need to turn around poor productivity, outpace your competitors, or aggressively grow, Dorsey Kaizen Plus™ will empower your employees to make improvements that nail your goals. FASTER.

60% Improvement in Production

“Grass America had a particular manufacturing area that was underperforming and struggling to meet customer demand. The only solution we had at first was to increase manpower. This was not acceptable so we turned to The Dorsey Group for assistance.

Working with The Dorsey Group enabled us to achieve improvements in production pieces/hour of 60% and 75% and improvement in OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) of 18 and 26 percentage points. Their training has also enabled us to not only maintain these improvements but to continually improve on them as well. Needless to say, these results more than paid for this investment.”

Tom Kipp, President

Grass America

5x Increase in Production

“As a  start-up biotechnology company, we were scrambling to manufacture enough product to meet the demands of the impending flu season.

Thanks to The Dorsey Group we experienced a dramatic increase in production. Our units/day output for 2 product components went from 1,400 to 2,500, and from 40 to 200.

This allowed us to meet demand and focus on other rate-limiting factors to increase productivity even more. Just as important, the tools and knowledge we gained from The Dorsey Group jump-started a cultural change where productivity improvement has become a key organizational strategy.”

Steve Speer, Director of Quality
Mesa Biotech

The Kaizen process.

Your team can make rapid continuous improvements through the Kaizen process.

Why Your Performance Will Kick into Overdrive with Kaizen Plus

We’ll teach you how to use Kaizen, the renowned Japanese improvement process, to turn around any area of your business. Operations, product development, customer service, or sales.

  • Increase product availability, capacity, and on-time delivery by turning around performance killers that slip by 90% of business leaders.
  • Save money by eliminating the root causes of your performance problems. You’ll no longer waste resources fixing symptoms that don’t resolve your issues.
  • Eliminate hidden waste and errors that silently shrink your profit margins.
  • Raise your customer-satisfaction scores by rectifying elusive quality and service issues.
  • Remove accountability headaches. You’ll have a collaborative structure that gives employees more control and motivation to deliver on their commitments.
  • While your team’s enthusiasm sustains their constant improvements, leadership can step away to work on strategic initiatives.
  • Let go of the reins and watch morale skyrocket because your employees feel like valued contributors to a winning team.

But you’ll get even more…

…during our 25+ years of facilitating events, we’ve added steam to Kaizen. So you’ll get exclusive tools that will push your improvements into high gear.

Accelerate Your Process Improvement Results with Kaizen Plus Tools

These tools, only available in our program, will help you:

  • Avoid going down rabbit holes that don’t add to your bottom line. You’ll identify significant issues worth fixing for a strong ROI.
  • Reduce costs by opening your eyes to resources you’re not fully utilizing and where you’re duplicating effort.
  • We’ll show you the fastest way to find operational issues that never appear on metric dashboards.
  • Transform resistance to change into a flywheel of creativity that’s contagious among your workers.
  • Keep your ROI high with our 30 and 60 day follow-ups.

41% Improvement in Gross Margins

“With the Dorsey Group, we realized a 9% inventory reduction, 41% improvements in gross margins, 94% error reduction in the production documentation process and a successful transfer of a product line from another site… propelling us from survival mode to a world class manufacturing facility.”

Brett Petrie, VP of Global Distribution
Life Technologies

Dorsey Kaizen Plus Tools

Dorsey Multi-Function Process Map™

Find and Prioritize All Operational and Sales Problems

Dorsey Multi-Function Process Map

KPI Scorecard

Keep Everyone on Track to Achieve Performance Goals

Dorsey Kaizen tool - KPI Scorecard

Capacity Analysis

Maximize Utilization by Defining Capacity and Managing Resources

Dorsey Kaizen tool - Capacity Analysis

Cross Training Matrix

Identify Competencies Needed to Develop Talent to Sustain Operations

Dorsey Kaizen tool - Cross Training Matrix

Your Employees Will also Walk Away with…

  • A list of improvement opportunities that will boost your profit margins. Your team can identify and fix 10x as many improvements than you.
  • Solutions employees are fired up to implement. Your encouragement will switch from motivating your team to change to applauding their stellar outcomes.
  • Reporting that keeps every team member’s finger on the pulse of your program. By establishing goals, performance indicators, and expectations.
  • A high ROI from a consistent stream of positive gains. Your employees will get a framework to keep making rapid improvements on their own.

Customer testimonial Johan Denecke Illumina, Inc.Transformed Our Results

“The Dorsey Group unleashes the true power of process improvements — full engagement from every member of the entire team. Their methodology transformed our thinking, out approach, and most important — our results.”

Johan Denecke, VP of Consumables,
Life Cycle Management, Illumina, Inc.

Are you ready to become an innovative, profitable company your competitors can’t beat?

The Dorsey Kaizen Plus is 4 days long and up to 12 employees can participate. We’ll host the training at your location.

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