Achieve Operational Excellence

We exist so you can outperform the competition—and yourselves

Maybe you want to increase profits. Perhaps you want to align people and processes. Or better satisfy customers, meet regulatory requirements, or improve quality. Achieving operational excellence, however you define it, is guaranteed when you adopt our high performance framework.

Our Specialties

We empower companies to become more dynamic, efficient, and profitable. Effective in every industry, our approach incorporates Lean and Six Sigma principles that spark productivity and continuous improvement.

Venture Capital Investments and Private Equity

Improve the financial performance of your target company

Half of all acquisitions do not achieve the predicted financial results within the projected timeframe. We’ll work with you and your identified target to identify and eliminate or reduce costs associated with organizational waste and non-value added tasks. The plan for continuous performance improvement we develop can be implemented immediately after closing. What happens when you identify and recover these expenses?

  • An aerospace company doubled its capacity without adding headcount
  • A manufacturing company increased its profits by $1.2M
  • A biotech firm increased sales by $16M

High Performance Work Teams

Achieve operational success by design, not chance

You can set the goal, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll hit it. Increase your bottom line in the short term and instill the culture and principles that sustain continuous performance improvements for the long term. Our high performance framework becomes an ongoing competitive advantage that produces results.

  • A distribution company reached a 99.8% on-time delivery rate
  • A refurbishment company increased profits by $1.2M
  • An aerospace company increased its sales by $3.2M

Specific Performance Issues

Resolve chronic underperformance at its source
Obstacles to growth are easy to see, but aren’t always easy to fix. Many companies continue to see the same issues because they’re treating the symptom, not the cause. We can help you find permanent solutions to your efficiency obstacles. What happens when proactive programs replace disengagement with empowerment?

  • A manufacturing company reduced turnover by 40%
  • A customer service company reduced errors by 60%
  • A biotech company reduced overtime by 70%

Our Services

Choose the program that fits your organizational goals

Continuous Performance Consulting

Accelerate performance throughout your organization

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Optimize change management and deliver sustainable improvements

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High Performance Work Teams

Actively engage 100 percent of your employees

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Leadership Alignment and Development

Develop strong leaders that promote stability and results

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Material License

Conduct your own training using our proven systems and tools

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The Workshop Series

Onsite or offsite development customized for your goals

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“In today’s competitive environment, if you are maintaining status quo and not improving performance, then you are actually moving backward.”
– Tim Dorsey, President


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