Eliminating hidden waste is a cost-effective way to step up productivity.

Examples of waste that go undetected include poor utilization of resources. Labor and equipment workarounds that require extra effort no one has time to fix. Excessive material handling. The list goes on and on.

This kind of waste can silently shrink your profit margins.

Keep reading to learn inexpensive solutions companies have used to wipe out waste. They are processes you can easily apply in your business.

The ROI From Nestlé’s Waste Removal Routine

ROI from disposing waste into the trash goes beyond productivity. You can also improve quality, safety, and on-time delivery. Or get an unbeatable competitive edge. All of which Nestlé has accomplished.

Nestlé earned its place at the top of their market by always delivering quality consumers can trust. A “no waste attitude” is how they maintain their gold-star quality level. Consistently.

Nestlé uses Kaizen, Japan’s popular continuous improvement process, to achieve zero-waste targets. Kaizen gives the company a framework for standardizing and streamlining processes which eliminate waste. So all areas in the company operate efficiently.

Waste-reducing tip: Standardize your processes. Write down procedures, so everyone uses the same consistent and reliable method.

Increase Productivity By Uncovering Capacity Gaps

We worked with a company whose daily expectations held back higher production goals they were capable of achieving. By digging deeper into their metrics, we showed them their team’s potential.

The company was satisfied by hitting its 200-unit daily expectation. However, after looking at their hourly output, we discovered wasted capacity. An employee produced 60 units in the 5th hour but only 10 in the first.

We asked them, “What happened that enabled that rate of production?” And we challenged them to figure out how to refine the process, so they consistently produce 60 per hour.

Waste-reducing tip: Don’t just rely on day, week, or month-end metrics. Look for low productivity in real time and hourly metrics. Collaborate with your team to get the story behind productivity dips. And brainstorm how to make processes better.

How a Hospital Used Kaizen to Double Productivity

Operational issues at Harbor-UCLA’s eye clinic caused some patients to get their eyes dilated twice because they waited so long to see a doctor. The dedicated kaizen team made a few low-cost changes that led to huge performance wins.

Color-coded folders made it crystal clear why patients were there and who they needed to see. Patients stopped getting shuffled back and forth to the waiting room during visits.

After realizing doctors frequently left patients to track down treatment supplies, the team put a supply box in each exam room. Now that doctors stop wasting time looking for things, they see more patients.

Within several months, the average number of new patients seen daily DOUBLED. The time patients spent at the clinic dropped from 4-1/2 hours to just over 2.

Waste-reducing tip: Organize work areas and identify where supplies are stored. Encourage ALL employees to return supplies to the proper place.

Tracking down and eliminating waste is an economical way to elevate your productivity. Standardize processes, organize work areas, and examine low performance. Adopting these habits can give you growth and profit gains that help you outpace your competitors.

By involving your entire team, you can tackle waste that’s outside of leadership’s radar.

Quickly Reduce Waste with Dorsey Kaizen PlusTM

Our product, Dorsey Kaizen Plus, can teach your team how to use Kaizen to get rid of waste and a whole lot more. Like improve quality, increase productivity, and cut time from processes.

Your employees will learn how to:

  • Establish and trend key performance metrics
  • Map current process flow / Gemba walk to observe
  • Brainstorm improvement areas and opportunities
  • Identify root causes / prioritize countermeasures
  • Test countermeasures / implement viable solutions
  • Identify key competencies and develop a training matrix for sustainability
  • Create a capacity analysis / crewing impact
  • Implement work center monitors to collect employee feedback

The event only takes 3 – 5 days. Your team will walk away powered up to make rapid improvements on their own. Consistently.

Want to learn how Kaizen Plus can improve your business?

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