Promote performance and scalability.

Supercharge Growth

D-Mapp offers growth-oriented businesses a proprietary platform for promoting performance and scalability, thereby supercharging growth. Our platform will have companies overcoming performance roadblocks using data and their most valuable resource—employees. We start by creating a current-state analysis of a company’s operations and then convert this Multi-Function Process Map™ to our web-based SaaS system. Businesses are then able to build on their strengths, correct weaknesses, set priorities, and manage and monitor performance-improvement efforts.

D-Mapp is ideal for

  • Businesses wanting to improve performance and/or scale
  • Venture capital investors or private equity firms
  • Banks who loan to small businesses
  • New acquisitions/divisions
  • Pre-ERP implementations
  • Executives being onboarded
  • Reorganizations/bankruptcies

Promoting Performance and Scalability

Our user-friendly, readily accessible dashboard provides thorough reporting of progress and planning. In conjunction with the SaaS program, the D-Mapp platform continues to train, support, and coach the company’s personnel based on needs. We provide the following:


Current-State Mapping


Analysis of Current State


D-Mapp SaaS



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