Start your engine! You’re about to take your operational excellence to the next level!

The phrase “engine for favorability” comes from one of our good clients. A senior executive coined the phrase after his team knocked their productivity and performance out of the park by exceeding their performance goals while consistently staying under budget for three years in a row. He credits their High Performance Work Teams environment with creating “an engine for favorability” that allows his teams to consistently outperform the competition—and themselves. This was also validated when their site was awarded the Industry Week Manufacturer of the Year award.

What is an engine for favorability?

Hitting your target can be the enemy of great results, especially when the only thing you are focusing on is the target. Most of the time, there’s a lot more you could do to improve. Instead of thinking “Great, I made my target” you should focus on “What can I do to take it to the next level?” The engine for favorability is a management mindset that doesn’t focus on merely hitting your targets but looking past them to new, and perhaps even unexpected opportunities that lay past that target.

Involve the whole team

This mindset requires the drive and passion of your entire team, not just a handful of people. Team members should not be satisfied with merely hitting their targets; targets should be the bare minimum of what they do. Instead they strive to make more, and to empower those around them to do the same.

This can best be described as treating the process like a sport. You train and practice to push yourself into being the best and winning over and over again. Winning doesn’t mean making your goals, but exceeding them. With higher goals in mind, you have a better chance of achieving success.

Good enough is not as good as you can be

Hitting targets is the status quo. It’s the difference between “Am I good enough?” and “Am I as good as I can be?” Teams who want “good enough” won’t look for improvement until they’re in a bind. Those who want to succeed are constantly looking for ways to improve. It’s ending the workday by asking yourself “Did I do everything I could today? What can I do better tomorrow?”

Interested in creating an engine for favorability in your organization? The Dorsey Group’s High Performance Framework is designed to transition organizations from their current level of performance to a much higher standard. We help clients enhance their competitive positions by teaching them to tackle strategies, develop people, analyze performance and make lasting operational improvements. Contact us today to learn more.