In the daily grind and constant pressure to get your work done, you may not have taken a step back to examine your overall satisfaction with your job, your department and your company.  So, here’s a quiz to help you make that assessment.

Please mark the answer that most closely matches your current experience as an employee.


  1. Organizational goals and indicators are clearly defined and communicated, with progress tracked (at all levels of the organization).

___ Yes     ___ Somewhat      ___ No

  1. Priorities are clearly identified and employees are given the time needed to work on them.

___ Yes     ___ Somewhat      ___ No

  1. There is cooperation between different teams and departments.

___ Yes     ___ Somewhat      ___ No

  1. There is a problem-solving process used consistently throughout the company.

___ Yes     ___ Somewhat      ___ No


  1. Team members are clear about respective roles and responsibilities.

___ Yes     ___ Somewhat      ___ No

  1. Teams are empowered / enabled to make recommendations, set priorities and implement improvements to their area.

___ Yes     ___ Somewhat      ___ No

  1. The team has developed and follows a set of ground rules for team behavior.

___ Yes     ___ Somewhat      ___ No


  1. Employees have the opportunity to voice concerns and provide ideas for improving performance, profitability and making the company a better place to work.

___ Yes     ___ Somewhat      ___ No

  1. Employees have the resources necessary to impact performance goals and targets.

___ Yes     ___ Somewhat      ___ No

  1. Employees are regularly recognized for their contributions and truly feel that they are a valuable member of the team.

___ Yes     ___ Somewhat      ___ No


8-10 Yes/Somewhat answers (out of 10):

You’ve got a pretty good work situation, with support from management and an overall structure that helps employees succeed at all levels.  This organization provides opportunities for growth and advancement, and you’re likely very happy in this job.

4-7 Yes/Somewhat answers:

The company has some good qualities as a workplace, but also leaves a lot to be desired.  You may find yourself working here for years, with little to show for it except an occasional raise and/or promotion.

1-3 Yes/Somewhat answers:

You probably already know that you’re pretty miserable in this job, and now you have a better idea why.  If this business doesn’t take serious steps to improve its work culture, then you should seriously consider getting out—sooner rather than later.

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