A Message from Tim Dorsey

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about The Dorsey Group. I hope we have provided you with an initial feel for our company and the valuable services we offer.

My 20-plus years of hands-on training, consulting, lecturing and speaking for a wide range of organizations provide the foundation for our performance strategies and company principles, like respect and trust. Starting with these fundamentals, The Dorsey Group will develop a relationship with you that fosters honest discussion, valued participation, energized efforts and, ultimately, the desired results.

As we begin our engagements, we frequently ask questions like “What frustrates you? Your customers? Your employees?” Your answers to these, and other, important questions allow us to see a whole picture… most times better than you can see it yourself. We pride ourselves in quickly and efficiently identifying the processes you already do very well while immediately targeting other, less successful areas as priorities for improvement.

Our experts work with your leadership team to assess and identify improvement goals and priorities. Then we proactively manage efforts and solve specific issues and problems, while focusing on the details along with the overall strategic picture. In terms of what we do, those details are centered around equipping line-level work teams to exercise far more control and responsibility for the processes they own (high performance work teams).

Since 1994, The Dorsey Group has lead a diverse list of more than 100 prestigious and successful companies in effectively improving their business performance with significant results. Having contributed to their success, I can tell you they all have one trait in common. They all wanted to improve their business.

We hope to have the opportunity to do the same for you in the weeks and months ahead.

-Tim Dorsey