Lean and High-Performance Work Teams

Actively engage 100% of your employees.

Set your consultation

Generate team ownership, alignment, and accountability.

Through our Lean and High-Performance Work Teams service, your team becomes united on processes, performance indicators, and expectations. They understand their capacity and prioritize workloads and improvement projects. Issues that create non-value-added activities become a thing of the past as participants learn to identify and document what hinders their performance. The team collects data that tracks specific issues, analyzes and transforms the data into information, then prioritizes and takes action based on that knowledge.

These efforts lead to full employee engagement, creating a powerful transformation in performance and results:

Six Integrated Modules

Site Assessment

  • Interview/observe the current situation
  • Analyze strengths and weaknesses
  • Prioritize recommendations for improvement

Strategic Alignment—Set the Course

  • Create a visual control board—a center for team communications
  • Align goals and KPIs by creating a scorecard to track performance to expectations
  • Conduct daily and weekly performance updates

Organizational Development—Prepare the People

  • Engage 100% of your team with clear roles and responsibilities
  • Calculate team capacity levels by identifying supply and demand
  • Develop team cross-training matrix

Organizational Analysis—Analyze the Process

  • Document key processes and workflows
  • Identify value-added and non-value-added activities
  • Collect and analyze employee feedback to generate the voice of the team

Implementing for Results—Make It Happen

  • Identify priority projects and look for significance 
  • Solve problems by conducting root-cause analysis  
  • Create solutions that focus on prevention in the future, not just the quick fix 

Audit and Sustainability

  • Monitor the team’s performance by using the Create-Use-Act audit of infrastructure and behaviors 
  • Evaluate supervisors’ performance in enabling and sustaining team performance 
  • Track site-wide team performance for trends and opportunities 

Performance Improvement Roadmap

A Guide to Organizational Excellence

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