Drive results through Alignment, Analytics and Engagement.

“The Dorsey Group methodology has transformed our thinking, our approach and most important – our results” ~ Johan Denecke, VP of Consumables Life Cycle Management, Illumina, Inc

Peak performance can only be achieved when the right principles, tools, and behaviors are embedded in a company’s culture. Most companies, even great companies, never get there.
Powering Peak Performance shows how leveraging data and employee engagement will set your organization on a proven, sustainable, fail-proof path to world-class success.

“Their methodology transformed our thinking, our approach, and most important—our results.

Johan Denecke
Illumina, Inc.

A structured, comprehensive and systematic approach. We made substantial progress in solving the challenges we had, notably eliminating waste.

Benoit Cloutier
CFAN (a GE Aviation/Snecma Joint Venture)

Their methodology empowers employees to initiate their own improvements, executing efficiently and effectively.

Brett Petrie
Life Technologies

Data-based decision making is proven to achieve higher success rates. Put your company’s raw data to work, turning it into information and then knowledge on which action can take place.

This conversion to knowledge requires the proper framework and employee engagement.

Not all Data is Equal: Focusing solely on financial data to drive decision making is like conducting an autopsy. It is a lagging indicator and raises a too late in the game red flag. Financial data will not determine root cause. Operational data will determine root cause and is the key to making consistently smarter, more proactive decisions. A framework to collect, interpret and communicate this data is much easier than you probably realize.

The Employee Engagement Principle: Change is done to you, progress is done with you. Positive engagement must be enabled through infrastructure, tools, and behaviors embedded into a team’s daily work.

It is not a straight line from Vision to Results. You must have data and employee engagement

“In today’s competitive environment, if you are maintaining status quo then you are actually moving backwards. Continuous improvement must be part of your culture.”

- Tim Dorsey, Author.

Powering Peak Performance allows any organization to put themselves on the road to continuous performance improvement. Every company has the potential be better than they are today.




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