Powering Peak Performance

We drive results through alignment, analytics, and engagement.

Peak performance can only be achieved when the right principles, tools, and behaviors are embedded in a company’s culture. Most companies, even great companies, never get there.

Powering Peak Performance shows how leveraging data will set your organization on a proven, sustainable, fail-proof path to world-class success.

The road to unstoppable performance improvement addresses the following:

How to identify the processes, metrics, and frustrations holding your organization back from world-class success

How to build a strategic universe to align people to an organization’s goals

How to trend plan according to an organization’s specific needs identified through its unique data

How to identify and eliminate hidden wastes in an organization’s processes


“Their methodology transformed our thinking, our approach, and most important—our results.

Johan Denecke

Illumina, Inc.

A structured, comprehensive and systematic approach. We made substantial progress in solving the challenges we had, notably eliminating waste.

Benoit Cloutier

CFAN (a GE Aviation/Snecma Joint Venture)

Their methodology empowers employees to initiate their own improvements, executing efficiently and effectively.

Brett Petrie

Life Technologies


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