Dorsey Kaizen Plus™

In just four days, double productivity without increasing headcount.

Take your Kaizen Events to the next level with the Dorsey Kaizen Plus™

You already have a goldmine of performance improvement innovators: your workforceWhether you need to turn around poor productivity, outpace your competitors, or grow aggressively, Dorsey Kaizen Plus™ will empower your employees to make improvements that nail your goals—faster.

Why Your Performance Will Kick into Overdrive with Kaizen Plus

We’ve taken the renowned Japanese improvement process, Kaizen, and added a little steam to it. You not only get the power of the traditional Kaizen improvement event, but you also get added tools to promote long-term sustainability:

  • Visual analytics provided by the DMPM
  • Performance tracking and trending with a performance scorecard
  • Predicting future crewing requirements with a capacity analysis
  • Effective talent development with a cross-training matrix
  • A team communication center utilizing a visual control board

What You’ll Gain

  • A list of improvement opportunities that will boost your profit margins. Your team can identify and fix 10x as many improvements as you can. 
  • Solutions your employees are fired up to implement. Your encouragement will switch from motivating your team to change to applauding their stellar outcomes. 
  • Reporting that keeps every team member’s finger on the pulse of your program. You’ll establish goals, performance indicators, and expectations. 
  • A high ROI from a consistent stream of positive gains. Your employees will get a framework to keep making rapid improvements on their own.  

Ready to take your performance to the next level?