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Business problems must be resolved from the grassroots. Choose The Dorsey Group today for specialized business turnaround consulting tailored to the unique nature and challenges of your workplace.
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Build on Strengths, Identity Weaknesses

The initial step in any improvement journey is to identify what is working and what is not. The goal is to build on current strengths while improving identified areas of need. At the Dorsey Group, we see improved profits when decisions are based on smart data.

When you choose The Dorsey Group, you are hiring turnaround consultants who care about your business as much as you do. We do not provide band-aid solutions to cover up the problems; we uncover the source of the problem and focus our insights and recommendations on resolving it from there.

We’ll help your company develop into a high-performing organization by giving you the strategies, tools, and behaviors you need to optimize productivity and growth. Choose the program that fits your organizational goals:

Get to the Root of the Problem

We conduct surveys, interviews, and observations at all levels of your organization to collect and analyze baseline data. The Site Assessment provides a robust evaluation of the current culture, infrastructure, and behaviors and works well in conjunction with the Multi-Function Process Map. The assessment report will let you know your opportunities for improvement and potential savings.

Looking From the Outside: The Essence of Turnaround Management Consulting

Turnaround management or reconstructing consulting is a specialized service aimed at revitalizing struggling businesses facing financial distress or operational challenges. Its primary goal is to boost it to profitability and sustainability.

Among the critical components of turnaround management consulting is a comprehensive assessment of the company’s current situation, identifying key issues, and implementing strategic initiatives to effect positive change.

The overarching objective of reconstructing consultancy services is to stabilize the company’s operations, preserve its value, and ultimately position it for long-term success. Turnaround consultants work closely with company stakeholders, including management, and employees to devise and execute turnaround strategies tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of the business.

Business Turnaround Consulting Services

Business turnaround consultants offer reconstructing consultancy services designed to address various
aspects of a company’s operations and financial health. These services include:

Operational Assessment and Optimization

Conducting a thorough review of the company’s operations, processes, and procedures to identify opportunities for efficiency improvements, cost reductions, and performance enhancements.

Leadership and Change Management

Providing leadership guidance and support to management teams throughout the turnaround process, facilitating organizational change, and fostering a culture of accountability and performance improvement.

Why Hire a Business Turnaround Consultant

You might be thinking: why do I need to hire an entity not related to my business to resolve my business problems? While first hand experience is a good teacher, there are times when we have to look at things from the outside to see the bigger picture  turnaround consultants are experts on that.

Hiring a business turnaround consultant offers several benefits for struggling companies:

Expertise and experience: Turnaround consultants bring specialized knowledge, skills, and experience in navigating complex financial and operational challenges, providing valuable insights and guidance to help companies overcome obstacles and achieve their turnaround goals.

Objectivity and perspective: External consultants offer an unbiased perspective on the company’s issues and challenges, enabling them to identify root causes and develop effective solutions without being constrained by internal politics or biases.

Speed and efficiency: Turnaround consultants work quickly and decisively to implement turnaround strategies, helping companies address urgent financial issues and promptly restore stability to their operations.

Access to resources: Consultants have access to a network of industry experts, other resources that can be leveraged to support turnaround efforts, and specialized expertise.

Accountability and results: By engaging a turnaround consultant, companies demonstrate their commitment to addressing their challenges proactively and holding themselves accountable for achieving measurable results, which can instill confidence and trust among stakeholders.

Is Turnaround Reconstructing Services for You?

Any business facing significant challenges or seeking to enhance its performance and competitiveness can benefit from turnaround and reconstructing consulting. Various types of businesses may benefit from the expertise of turnaround consultants due to their wide scope of services.


Here are some businesses that will find reconstructing and turnaround management services very helpful:


  1. Distressed companies facing financial difficulties, such as declining revenues, mounting debt, or cash flow challenges.
  2. Businesses experiencing operational inefficiencies, including outdated processes, high overhead costs, or supply chain disruptions.
  3. Companies undergoing significant market changes or disruptions, such as shifts in consumer preferences, technological advancements, or regulatory changes.
  4. Startups or small businesses need help scaling their operations, achieving profitability, or securing additional funding.
  5. Established firms seek to restructure their operations.

The Unique Management Approach of The Dorsey Group

The Dorsey Group LLC empowers clients to overcome challenges, unlock their potential, and achieve long-term success in today’s competitive business landscape.

We pride ourselves on an innovative management approach, which is characterized by:

Customized solutions
The Dorsey Group LLC takes a tailored approach to each client engagement, developing custom turnaround strategies aligned with the unique needs, goals, and circumstances of the business.

Collaborative partnerships
Rather than imposing one-size-fits-all solutions, the firm collaborates closely with clients, fostering open communication, trust, and collaboration to ensure alignment and buy-in from all stakeholders.

Holistic perspective
The Dorsey Group LLC adopts a holistic view of business turnaround, and operational factors but also cultural, organizational, and market dynamics to develop comprehensive and sustainable solutions.

Results-driven focus
The firm is committed to delivering tangible results for its clients, prioritizing measurable outcomes and milestones to track progress and demonstrate the effectiveness of its turnaround strategies.

Ongoing support
Beyond the initial engagement, The Dorsey Group LLC provides ongoing support and guidance to help clients sustain their turnaround momentum, adapt to evolving market conditions, and capitalize on new growth opportunities.

The Dorsey Group LLC empowers clients to overcome challenges, unlock their potential, and achieve long-term success in today's competitive business landscape.

Choose The Dorsey Group as your partner when it comes to turnaround management consultancy. Hire our experienced turnaround consultants to help you assess your business’ internal problems, and come up with the most logical solutions to get your business going.