• 5 Key Tenets of Decision-Making for Leaders & Executives

    By Vistage Staff, Tim & Carla Dorsey
    Published by Vistage

    There’s nothing more critical than making good decisions and ensuring employees are equipped to do the same

  • Dorsey Multi-Function Process Map® An Informing Tool to Transition Small Business to Evidence-Based Decision-Making Transition Small Business to Evidence-Based Decision-Making Research Thesis by Dr Carla Dorsey
    Research Thesis by Dr Carla Dorsey
    Published by University of South Florida, Digital Commons

    In small businesses, underperformance and lack of growth can be the results of poor decision-making based on gut-feel rather than data or evidence. The result is often ad-hoc business processes that do not evolve into efficient organizational routines. Evidence (data)- based decision making (EDM) has proved effective for large firms. This study tests the use of EDM in small businesses by applying an organizational mapping tool called the Dorsey Multi- Function Process Map® (DMPM), a descriptive visual analytic, as a way to help small businesses transition from gut-feel to data-based decisions.
  • Using Data to Uncover Operational Inefficiency
    Case Review by Dr Carla Dorsey, Tim Dorsey, Terry McGovern
    Published by University of South Florida Muma Case Review

    On October 8, 2018, Glenn Peterson, President of Primo Flight Parts, Inc. (PFP), faced an important deadline: In one week, he needed to finalize his 2019 proposed budget so that supporting materials could be assembled and sent to the Board of Directors in advance of its October 23 meeting, when (he hoped) the budget would be approved. With a projected 30% increase in sales for 2019, Peterson was shocked to see a request for a 40% staff increase. “Why do we need 40% more people to generate 30% more sales?” Peterson asked himself at the time.

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