The Strategic Alignment Assessment will provide an objective third party analysis of your existing communications, infrastructure, processes and team dynamics to identify deficiencies and then suggest strategies for improvement.  Up front assessment enables an organization to identify, focus and align on the significant issues (areas) that will quickly generate the biggest difference, leading to faster results and goal attainment.  The proper diagnostics help you optimize your change management strategies and deliver sustainable improvements.

All levels of your organization will be engaged to provide a thorough top to bottom analysis of alignment and communications.  What makes that high-performance team so successful? And on the flip side, how can that low-performance team be improved? Through detailed information gathering and follow-up analysis found in the Strategic Alignment Assessment, those teams and employees can either receive the vital training needed or the recognition they deserve.

Strategic Alignment Assessment will give you the data and facts you need to make strategic decisions for your organization.

  • Proper Alignment and Communications Infrastructure
  • Team Assessments
  • Crewing Guidelines
  • Work Center Optimization
  • Process Capabilities and Capacities
  • Lean Improvement Opportunities