Partner Consultant

Cathy Lindberg specializes in improving systems and processes and she holds a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering. Cathy brings over 30 years of hands-on experience including consulting, training and management. She has served and supported a diverse group of organizations including areas of transportation, communications, energy, information technology, production, construction, education, city, state and federal government and not-for-profits both domestic and international.

Cathy excels in her ability to tailor the improvement needs to the client’s individual situations while involving all levels of an organization. She analyzes and differentiates the needs of the customer while remaining focused on corporate objectives. She demonstrates this by improving performance and effectiveness through teaching and coaching teams using proven problem solving techniques. Her clients have achieved quality awards such as the Deming Prize, the Australian Quality Award, the Malcolm Baldrige National Award and the Florida Sterling Award.

How to reach Cathy?
Office: (954) 384-8774