Be a more productive version of yourself.

A rapid approach to identify and
eliminate underperformance.

Cutting-Edge Productivity Program

The D-MAPP™ Program* is a powerful, data-driven technology designed to remedy underperformance in your organization. The technology uses our next-generation approach to process mapping as its core and is enhanced with new functionalities to provide you the ability to make better decisions and get better results.
This business solution will transform how you think about and approach every aspect of your operational performance. Saving you time and money, it is a strategic investment in your business’s long-term future that you may not even realize you need—but will soon wonder how you lived without.

*A patent-pending technology

You will develop actionable plans to:


Reduce costs

(non-value-added expenses)


Streamline operations

(redefine how work gets done)


Boost revenues and capacity

You will create
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Employee engagement

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An agile approach to your operations

D-MAPP: A Program for Success

“The D-MAPP Program has helped provide clarity with our processes, enabled the establishment of metrics to measure performance, standardized terminology to help build common understanding, helped identify opportunities for improvement, and demonstrated to personnel the availability of a systematic approach necessary to make meaningful and purposeful improvements.”
—Steve Speer
Director of Quality, Mesa Biotech
How the D-MAPP Program Works

Build a Base Map

Document and understand your current operations using an enhanced Dorsey Multi-Function Process Map™. This map is generated with your employees so that it depicts your operations how they really are, not just what you think they might be. It is a descriptive, visual analytic that functions as the center of the program.

Identify Improvement Opportunities

Data and analytics from the Base Map enable you to assess and identify performance improvement opportunities that will get you the most value.

Manage Improvement Projects

Create, monitor, and manage projects from identified improvement opportunities.

Provide Online, Real-time Data

Continue to update the living document that shows both the current state of your operations and the current status of all improvement efforts. Its remote feature provides access and availability anytime, anywhere.

D-MAPP Program Applications

Versatile and easy to use, businesses have used the D-MAPP Program in multiple ways:
Improve performance and operating efficiencies
Restructure existing or developing new processes
Train and onboard employees
Standardize best-practice templates
Document audit and accounting practices
Due diligence (M&A, private equity investors)
ERP/software implementations
Improvement Opportunities

Pareto Analysis of Frustrations

Frustration data is stratified and graphically presented by categories to assist in evaluating and prioritizing projects.

Frustration Severity Analysis

Multiple dashboards provide reports to help diagnose underperformance, streamline operations, and monitor results.

“The most dangerous kind of waste is the waste that we do not recognize.” 

— Shigeo Shingo 

No organization has room for waste.

The D-MAPP Program will help you operate as leanly as possible, eliminate waste, and make decisions based on data and hard evidence. It’s the best thing you can do for your business.

To see how the D-MAPP Program can help your organization improve: