Leadership: Getting Work Accomplished Through Others

Are you setting your team up for success?

It takes more than hard work to become an effective leader. Planning, organization, and guidance are all important functions. Effective leaders also look to themselves when performance drops before looking to their team.

So how can you ensure that you’re being an effective leader and that your team is performing to its highest potential?

Translate company goals into actionable indicators

An effective leader turns organizational goals into actionable indicators that mean something at the employee level. When their daily actions are strategically aligned with your mission, goals, and values, they’ll stop working on what they think is important and start working on the priorities.

Prioritize training and development

Are employees doing exactly what you tell them to do? When leaders direct instead of lead, employees have no sense of ownership or accountability for their work. When something goes wrong, they’ll just say, “Well, you told me to do it this way.”

Training and ongoing development ensure that your employees are working with the values and guidelines you’ve established and in alignment with the expectations and goals you’ve set. And they’ll do it independently, because they know what the priorities are and can work on them independently.

Establish standard processes and workflows

Does it sometimes feel like everyone’s working in a bubble? Do you delegate something and walk away, or do you set a framework or parameters for how the work needs to be accomplished?

When solid processes and procedures are in place, employees will know how work flows through the company and be clear on their responsibilities within the process.

Communicate clearly and often

The number one quality indicator of a high-performance work team is its ability to communicate clearly and often. Effective leaders follow up often, ask the right questions, set the right priorities, and leave the door open for workers to come to them with obstacles and challenges. They have solid communication processes in place for the team to debrief on progress.

Strong leaders understand their role in a high performance work team. They know that to perform to their highest potential, every member of their team needs to know what’s expected of them and have the tools, processes and lines of communication necessary to succeed.

It’s never enough to just give instructions and walk away. Only when you set specific parameters, offer guidance and support, hold people accountable to their responsibilities and keep them aligned with your mission and values can you truly be an effective leader.

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