President and CEO

Tim Dorsey, founder and owner of The Dorsey Group, has provided performance improvement initiatives to domestic and international organizations for over 30 years. Tim has developed a practical and proven methodology, “Managing Performance.Leading People. Getting Results.”, which has successfully achieved significant results for his clients in the areas of quality, productivity, communications, accountability, customer service and profits.

Tim is results-oriented and people-focused. His main goal is to achieve results for his clients. His areas of expertise include: Employee Engagement, Performance Improvement, Lean Sigma, Team Building, Employee Participation, Cost Reduction, Measurement and Communication Systems, Agile Project Management, Leadership Development and Supervisory Skills Training. His long list of clients can speak for his remarkable results. Tim’s approach is to train all levels of the organization, from top executives to front-line employees, as he knows that each level is critical to the success of the performance efforts.

A frequent speaker and leader including his own workshop series, Improving Performance, Tim addresses the ever-changing work environment and how it can be optimized. Tim’s proprietary methodologies have been developed to guide clients into taking their performance to the next level.

Tim is proud that his clients have achieved outstanding levels of excellence. Some of the award his clients have received include Industry Week’s Best Plant of the Year Award, the Malcolm Baldrige Award, the Florida Sterling Award, Florida Distributor of the Year Award, General Electric High Performance Work Team Site Award, and the Florida Manufacturer of the Year Award. Tim’s advice to his clients:

“In today’s competitive environment, if you are maintaining status quo and not improving performance, then you are actually moving backwards”

Tim has a Master of Science in Industrial Relations and a Bachelor degree in Business Administration. He has written and copyrighted The Dorsey Group training materials and software programs and has published quality-related articles for various publications.

How to reach Tim?
Cell: (954) 629-7893
Office: (954) 384-8774
Email: tdorsey@thedorseygroup.org