Training Modules

Gain the internal resources and skills your team needs to thrive.

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The Train-the-Trainer program will accelerate your performance improvement and boost the morale of your entire organization. Your trainers will generate a sustainable program that implements the culture, behaviors, and infrastructure necessary to attain your goals.

Trainers will work under the guidance of The Dorsey Group and benefit from our expertise and years of proven results. Program components include the following:

Development and Support

Training Materials

Performance Toolkit©

Leadership and Supervisory Training

There is no such thing as a leaderless team. Stability and results depend on leadership efforts. Our Leadership and Supervisory Training program provides your leaders with the infrastructure, tools, and behaviors necessary to create a consistent and stable environment that motivates and challenges all teams to higher levels of achievement.

Leadership-level efforts will focus on culture, strategy, alignment, and resources allocation.

Supervisor efforts will focus on managing the day-to-day expectations, infrastructure, and processes utilized by the teams.

Problem-Solving: Root-Cause Analysis

Learn time-tested, systematic processes to solve problems. Use data to eliminate “leap of faith” guesses. This is ideal for employees at all levels who are required to troubleshoot, make decisions, and implement plans or actively participate on teams. The Problem-Solving Process teaches your team how to implement the following modules:


Priority Selection


Current Situation


Root-Cause Analysis


Develop Preventative Actions


Implement and Evaluate Results


Hold and Gains

Performance Toolkit©

The Performance Toolkit (PTK) is a highly-structured group of tools that creates lean data. Lean data is data that is relevant, timely, reliable, consistent, and used in a structured way. With the PTK, employees are empowered to create, use, and act on the data. This Create-Use-Act model allows decision-making that will drive results and real performance improvement.

Employees make data-based decisions in five key modules:

Strategic Alignment

Set the Course

Organizational Development

Prepare the People

Organizational Analysis

Focus on the Process

Implementing for Results

Make It Happen


Gain and Sustain

The 25 tools in the above modules form a robust and comprehensive program that addresses all levels of the organization. Putting data and engagement to work, the PTK will produce the culture, process, and infrastructure to drive results.

The PTK is web-based and available 24/7. It is easy to use and scalable.

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