Are your leaders giving their team what it needs to succeed?

Today’s top corporations know that the value of their supervisors cannot be measured simply by their ability to “watch over” operations or staff members. There is a direct correlation between the performance of the team and how they are managed by their supervisor. That’s why it’s critical for companies striving to improve their level of performance to understand the role their supervisors should be playing and how they can impact the overall success of the organization.

Success begins with your workers

Before you can begin to understand how your supervisors can more successfully lead your people, it’s vital to understand that all productivity, quality and efficiency in your organization begin with your workers. No matter what industry you are in, the members of your team—the ones producing your product, serving your customers and handling all the tasks within your company that make your business possible—are the key to your success.

The question is, how do you ensure that every cog in the wheel is performing at its highest possible level? That’s where the role of your supervisors comes into play.

Enablers versus overseers

Years ago, the role of the supervisor was to watch over workers and ensure processes were followed properly. Today’s most successful companies recognize the relationship has changed.

The most effective supervisors act as mentors, coaches, and facilitators – to the benefit of their organization.

Think about the sports team that continually loses game after game even though they possess a lineup of highly talented and skilled players. What’s the cause of their failure? The answer lies in their leadership. No matter how gifted the players, if not given the right training, coaching, tools, goals and motivation to succeed, the team will continue to fail.

Empowering the team to be successful

A strong leader knows that an empowered employee is a company’s strongest asset.

To be empowered, team members need to have a full understanding of the “know how” and “know why” of their work processes. This means that they have measurable goals, understand how to achieve them, and have the training and resources to meet or exceed them.

When targets are missed or goals are continually not achieved, supervisors need to engage their team in collecting the facts and data to identify root causes and develop solutions to get the team back on track.

Build better leaders

Your leaders should not only know how to manage their team, but also how to motivate, engage and enable them to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. If not, their poor leadership is likely dragging down your productivity and, more than likely, your profits.

According to an article on, 100 percent of the best companies in the world “let all employees behave like leaders,” which solidifies the assertion that the best supervisors are those who equip, facilitate and enable their teams to perform at their highest level.

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