Are your employees poised to succeed as a team?

The only company asset that appreciates over time is your people.

Successful companies understand this and appreciate having knowledgeable, experienced, and highly skilled team members – and are willing to invest in their growth. The question is, how do you cultivate the talents and abilities of your workers so that they become more valuable to your organization?

Employee development is not just an onboarding process

Most companies provide some sort of training to their new employees. Some also provide an onboarding program to assist them in adjusting to their new position, however, it is the companies that go beyond that initial training, the ones that invest in ongoing employee development and growth programs that ultimately build a well-oiled machine of exceptional workers.

Continuous training leads to bigger success and less turnover

According to, companies with an aligned and focused approach to training that offer employee development tied to corporate strategic goals and measurable results, are not only more successful, they have a lower turnover rate.

The number one company listed in the magazine’s 2014 list of “Top 125 Training Winners” was Jiffy Lube International, which experienced a 900 percent increase in the number of stores at 100 percent certification, a significant reduction in turnover and a 93 percent approval rating by the franchisees. With more than 20,000 employees, that’s no easy feat.

Employee development should be tied to company goals

No matter what business you are in, there’s no disputing the value of providing your employees with continuing training and growth opportunities. It goes even further when you add in the value of tying them to your company’s goals.

It’s not enough for them to know how to do their jobs; they also need to know (and buy into) the “why” of what they’re doing. Workers that feel they are an important part of the company mission are more committed, more productive and remain engaged for the long term.

Cross training makes employees even more valuable

Another important aspect that many employers overlook when implementing a training program is cross training. They hire people who are well suited and qualified for their positions but fail to see beyond that in terms of that person handling additional tasks and responsibilities. The reality is that cross training gives workers a broader scope of knowledge as it relates to your business—the more they know about the entire process, the more valuable they are.

Cross training also improves company culture

It also gives each worker first-hand experience into what it takes to do their coworker’s tasks, which increases their desire to support each other. This improves teamwork, heightens motivation, and improves your company culture.

Cross-trained workers feel more valued. Offering the opportunity to learn new skills and take on different responsibilities demonstrates your confidence in their abilities and enriches their on-the-job experience.

Companies that provide cross training find that their employees are often willing to go the extra mile when needed—to pitch in during peak times and to do more than what’s expected on a regular basis.

Broken down, here are the benefits of cross training:

  • Better morale
  • Reduced turnover
  • Increased productivity
  • Operational improvements
  • Higher job satisfaction
  • Improved company culture

Whether you have a small or medium-sized business or are building a large enterprise, it’s important to recognize that your people are your most valuable asset. Developing a team of highly skilled, cross-trained team members will be the key to your continual success because they’ll be able to offer new ideas and stay ahead of industry changes while feeling a sense of ownership and accountability that drives results.

For a cross training and development program to be effective, you need a carefully thought-out and organized plan. Every facet, from which employees will be eligible to train for each department to who will be doing the training and all that falls in between, must be planned out ahead of time.

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