Strategic Alignment: What Is It and What Does It Mean?

When a car’s tire alignment is off, the vehicle may pull to one side or experience uneven tire wear. Bumpy roads, pot holes, or even hitting a curb can affect your car’s alignment, and a car with alignment issues won’t drive as well. Alignment enables peak performance.

How Happy Are You In Your Job?

In the daily grind and constant pressure to get your work done, you may not have taken a step back to examine your overall satisfaction with your job, your department and your company.  So, here’s a quiz to help you make that assessment. Please mark the answer that most closely [...]

Need Savings? … Don’t Just Cut Costs

It’s an all-too familiar scenario: Company leaders, alarmed at a sudden decrease in profits, issue a decree to curb business trips, count paper clips, or trim headcounts. They’re clearly thinking that the quickest way to boost profits is to cut costs.  But, they’re thinking wrong!  Let’s explore why this might [...]

Dumb Data? Why So Many Organizations Fail to Get Results

Let’s face it. For all of our talk about the importance of data, we’re still “data dumb,” meaning we collect the wrong data, let our data collect dust, or fail to interpret it correctly. Many companies gather data only to share it with a few people instead of using it [...]

South Florida Manufacturer Paves Road to Sustainable Growth

The story of how SurfaceLogix became a high performance work team SurfaceLogix, a Pompano Beach-based manufacturer and distributor of concrete brick paver sealers, stains, and coatings, was a small South Florida business when John Daly took over for his father in 1991. As president, Daly had a vision of expansion [...]

Communications Infrastructure: Why Accountability Matters

How is inadequate communication affecting your company? There are many elements that are necessary in order for an organization to elevate themselves to world-class status. Among them, building an effective infrastructure for communication is key. Without a set infrastructure, many companies find that their communication begins to degrade over time. [...]