Client Success Stories

We turn underperformance to peak performance.

Client Success Stories

The Proof Is in the Numbers

ROI in Selected Industries

Aerospace clients: 26:1

Manufacturing clients: 30:1

Medical Device/Pharm clients: 23:1

Results from High-Performance Work Teams Services

A distribution company: 99.8% on-time delivery rate

A refurbishment company: $1.2M profit increase

An aerospace company: $3.2M sales increase

Results from Kaizen Plus Service

A machining company: 65% and 75% improvements in overall equipment effectiveness

A biotech company: 5x increase in production

Client Awards

  • City of Coral Springs: Florida Sterling
  • City of Coral Springs: Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
  • Hoerbiger: Florida Manufacturer of the Year
  • Life Technology: Industry Week Manufacturer of the Year
  • CFAN: #1 High Performance Work Team GE Site
  • Nipro Diagnostics: Florida Manufacturer of the Year
  • AeroTurbine: Florida Distributor of the Year
  • Kira Labs: 2019 South Florida Manufacturer of the Year

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